The video

For my friends who wanted to see the audition, here is the video! I filmed it mainly for a learning tool so I can see where I’m going wrong. Unfortunately with everything that happened, it kind if all went wrong so it’s more for a laugh than any thing else!



The audition


I am currently writing this blog post from Worthing hospital a & e! – no, I didn’t spaff a playing card in my eye again!

It all started this morning when having stayed up all night working on my routine for the audition today I said goodbye to my family and drove to work. Shortly after getting there I get a phone call from one of Emma’s friends. “We’ve been in an accident” she said. Now, this confused me slightly as I thought Emma was out with a different friend and wasn’t entirely sure why this friend was phoning me to tell me she had been in an accident. Eventually it transpired that she and Emma had collide head on with each other and subsequently written off both cars. I left work and drove to where they crashed. both seemed fine but very shaken so I drove them to a&e after the boys were settled round another friends house to play. Emma was discharged shortly afterwards with just heavy bruises. After a few hours and Emma saying she was fine I drove then home and left for my big audition! I fully intended on going to lewes straight from work giving myself a couple of hours to go through the routine I made last night. Unfortunately due to the days events this did not happen an my rehearsal involved a swift half at the pub and a glance at my prepared routine!

Having not eaten much today with sorting out insurance and getting our now flat car towed home the half pint was having an almost immediate effect and I had a horrible feeling this was not going to end well!

So, the time comes to go into aces magicand my phone rings. It’s Emma saying she has come over all funny and is feeling sick! I now start to panic and tell her I will be home as soon as I can, if I leave now I should be their in about an hour and a bit! Emma insists she would be fine and wanted me to audition as I had been talking about this non stop for months now! I only agrees to this if my parents went round to take her to hospital which she agreed to. So in I go, feeling drunk, worried about my wife, and incredibly nervous!

There were two of us auditioning tonight, myself and a guy called Alasdair. He went first and almost immediately I wished I had as his act was professional and well thought out. Ending with a lovely mentalism bit where he made the volunteer forget his chosen card.

Now it was my turn, with shaking hands and a lot going through my head I quickly scribble my routine on my palm so I don’t forget it. (this did not help an I forgot to include many of my best bits) I start off with my favourite and most used tricks. This has never failed me and makes an impact which is why I chose it to open with! It failed! The picked card was where it was supposed to be but there next to it was another, this was not the start I was looking for.

Video coming soon.

Audition tomorrow!!1!oneone!!1

Well, it’s been a crazy couple of weeks. With so much going on at home having just moved house my magic has kind of taken a back seat, and all of a sudden my audition has arrived. I am so unprepared it’s silly! I have plenty of tricks to choose from but have no idea how to present them. The trouble is I will be performing for magicians so the tricks themselves aren’t the most important part of the audition. They will be looking for presentation and entertainment value as they will know how the tricks are done. I’m still seriously considering being slightly drunk as this at least gives me a theme! However, with the society being in lewes (many miles from where I live) driving will be an issue.
I have promised many people I would film the audition for this blog so hopefully I will be able to post this in the next couple of days.

Wish me luck.

Shameless plug!

Since being given the task of creating a twitter and Facebook account for aces magic I have found it is not that easy to get followers. I am now on a quest to find out how an unknown organisation can become known. Any helpful comments would be greatly appreciated or if you follow this blog and use both twitter and Facebook have a butchers at pages. I am hoping to include photos and videos of our members and anything else magic related I can think of that might interest people. The twitter account is @AcesMagic and the Facebook one is Aces Magic

Unfortunately I don’t know how long I will be in charge of these as I have my audition for the group in less than three weeks now and may not get through! So for another good reason to follow them is the comedy status’ and tweets that may follow should I be unsuccessful in my audition!!!!

A.C.E.S Magic

Just a very quick post to inform people about the A.C.E.S magic society. We meet every second Wednesday in Lewes from 20:00 – 22:00. We now have a Twitter account: @acesmagic if you are at all interested in magic or are already performing, or, if you think you may know someone who would be interested in joining a magic society then point them to this.

We are a very friendly bunch of people who’s main aim is for friendship through the art of magic!!!!!

The website is currently under a bit of a revamp at the moment but most details can be found on aces magic

In a personal update I will be auditioning in less than four weeks and have no real idea yet what I am going to do. Seriously running out of time now!!!!

Impromptu video

No time to write much today but while at work I quickly filmed a new trick an thought I would post it here. Obviously I would ask the spectator to guess where the card is and they would always be right. I am also trying out different styles and this was a bit of a joke persona for the sake of the lad I was with at the time!

Anyone for poker?

Well here it is, that blasted move that I have been killing my hand trying to do. It’s not amazing and I’m sure I can do it better but after 15 attempts to video it I can’t be arsed to do it again. The light is fading and I’m getting tired so this is what I have done!

I hope this link works as I am writing this on my iPhone.